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Anna Charalambous


I'm a Melbourne based Creative Producer with a drive to create beautiful and authentic content. I am a firm believer in a film set with a happy, professional and safe environment. I find the creative journey just as important as the end result. Studying at Deakin University with a bachelor in Film, Television and Animation, I have been freelancing in the film industry since 2016.  Starting in 2018 I will only run single waste-free film sets and have successfully completed this on 7 projects to date. Diversity in all aspects is also something of importance to me, ensuring an equal gender split on each set helps broaden the way a story is told and adds depth to any story.

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Producer, Impact Coordinator, Assistant Director and Production Manager



I’m always on the lookout for new collaborations and clients, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Melbourne, Australia

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